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The U.S. has seen a dramatic increase in mental health needs among college students, with suicide being the most critical contributing factor for this rise. Mental illness is not a rare occurrence on college campuses. A study found that nearly one in three college students have an anxiety disorder and it’s estimated that one in four college students will experience some kind of mental illness during their time at school. It’s about twice as likely that those with a history of depression or anxiety will develop it again while they’re in college. It is estimated that approximately one million U.S. college students have had suicidal thoughts at some point, and there are over 100 suicide attempts on campuses per day on average! In today’s world, there are many reasons, like the rise and persistence of Covid, for why student mental health needs have skyrocketed. The good news is that students from all over the world can find a therapist, counselor or a group to talk to online.

In the past few years, many universities have been under pressure to increase their mental health services. The demand for these services has increased tremendously due to different factors like an increase in student body size, more mental health awareness and decreased support for students, with needs exceeding the available supply of on campus counseling services. There also are some issues that come up with this type of treatment, such as lack of access to specialists or therapists, or paying out-of-pocket for these services 

.In an effort to serve those who need help but can’t access it locally, telehealth has become a popular option for treatment. The internet has enabled students to get help instantly from therapists, counselors and groups who are located all over the country or even worldwide.

Many telehealth platforms have been designed with college students in mind and offer a variety of services that work for busy schedules including phone therapy sessions, text messaging, self-scheduling, and video visits with licensed therapists.

I have extensive experience with helping students of all ages and levels in their educational journey.

Please contact me today if you are a college student with concerns about your mental health. Although I’m not a crisis or emergency service, I provide telehealth appointments, within 48 hours or less. I can help you with depression, anxiety, disordered eating, ADHD symptoms, stress, relationships, or whatever is on your mind. If you just feel like you need a caring and sensitive professional to talk to, you have come to the right place.



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